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Morgan Chavoshi Artist Painter series of original paintings features American Wild Mustang in an effort to depict their on-going vanishing from nature and are available throughout Los Angeles, CA and also available for purchase throughout San Francisco, CA, Santa Fe, NM, Miami Beach, FL New York, NY Washington, D.C., Boston, MA Chicago, IL, Dallas, TX and the rest of the country.

Morgan Chavoshi Artist Painter The American Wild Mustang series portrays these symbolic American animals who cannot fight for their survival, their constant cruel elimination is deceptive political bureaucracy.

The American Wild Mustang demanded its own exhibit due to the ongoing cruel slaughtering. The American Wild Mustang exhibit speaks to the plight of these majestic creatures and depicts the irony of their situation, they are portrayed as a void, for their lack of existence, their absence in nature, and their silent screams, expressed through their eyes, for us to see and feel their pain.

The present laws should be revised or reversed.

A portion of proceeds from sales of this series will be donated to the cause of American Wild Mustang rescue efforts, feeding, and shelter efforts.

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