Morgan Chavoshi Fine Art Painter – Los Angeles, CA – USA

Morgan Chavoshi produces some of the world’s finest original paintings made available throughout Los Angeles, CA and also available for purchase throughout San Francisco, CA, Santa Fe, NM, Miami Beach, FL New York, NY Washington, D.C., Boston, MA Chicago, IL, Dallas, TX and the rest of the country.

Morgan Chavoshi paintings speak volume, each one a unique commentary and perspective on many of the world’s transgressions.

Society’s cruelty and unfairness have evolved Morgan Chavoshi paintings into images that provoke thought and call for attention.

To contact Morgan Chavoshi, please fill out the contact form or call directly at 1-714-200-6523.

Original Fine Art Paintings

Morgan Chavoshi paintings reflect the need and desire to speak out against injustice, to speak for those who cannot, and to shed light on less known but crucial subjects not covered by mass media.

Morgan Chavoshi paintings are constantly evolving created from the depth of her own passion for nature, life, and freedom. Whether it is political oppression, lack of freedom, the tragic illness or loss of loved ones, or mass destruction of our environment and its inhabitants.

Morgan Chavoshi portrays the various subjects thru her paintings with a variety of mediums with the intent to capture your emotions and raise awareness. She paints on wood, metals, gypsum, canvass and uses oil paint, acrylics, and pencil.

Original Fine Art Paintings| Los Angeles, CA -USA

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