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Morgan Chavoshi Fine Artist Painter series of original paintings features Gypsy and the Butterfly portraying agony of incurable medical conditions and are available throughout Los Angeles, CA and also available for purchase throughout San Francisco, CA, Santa Fe, NM, Miami Beach, FL New York, NY Washington, D.C., Boston, MA Chicago, IL, Dallas, TX and the rest of the country.

Morgan Chavoshi Artist Painter Gypsy and the Butterfly series portrays our own emotional and physical journey of not knowing the future of a child with an incurable condition. As hopeless as the medical world can be, a parent survives on the narrowest ribbons of hope. For years as parents we wonder whether our child would ever come out of that cocoon or stay in there forever.

Gypsy and the Butterfly exhibit portrays that we will travel the world, stay in different countries and adapt their cultures, beg for unconventional medical treatments, and spend fortunes if not life savings all for that sliver of hope. We become desperate Gypsies of this world in search of a miraculous cure.

“A butterfly with broken wings is still a butterfly.”

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